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Social Media Management

Lotus uses a diagnostic three step approach we call the ABC's of social media management - analyze, build, and connect.  This unique format allows us to gain a deep understanding of the target audience, competitors, and industry affiliations prior to content development.  Utilizing this method, we can create the right content, faster, with informed analytics. 


We observe the social platforms of your competitors, industry, and evaluate their brands and social media objectives.  Using this information, we will establish the type of content that would best attract your target audience.


During the build phase, we develop content that matches your brand, in many ways becoming the voice of your brand.  We will always be trying new things, with a call to actions to help you achieve business goals.


In the connect phase, the content will be distributed across platforms.  Insights will be monitored to ensure we are reaching the targeted audience and content they engage in.  Through a  combination of paid and organic content, we can connect at a rapid pace.  

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