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Over 40 years of


in various metal processing manufacturing industries.

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Lotus Marketing, an innovative leader in metals manufacturing marketing,

has partnered with Global Diligence HK LTD,  a leading globally based strategic

and operational planning consulting firm. The partnership presents a tremendous

opportunity for both Global Diligence and Lotus to provide foundries with highly

personalized marketing solutions.


The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two companies’ respective strengths across three main areas:

  • First, Global Diligence and Lotus have a proven success record of developing marketing and branding strategies that increase company sales and overall valuation. 

  • Second, these companies have forged relationships across the world to facilitate strategic partner relationships, resulting in high quality results with strong ROI.

  • Finally, Global Diligence and Lotus bring assets and resources which will provide clients with detailed SWOT analyses and data driven solutions, helping clients to define and achieve business goals.   


The partnership combining over 40 years in various metal processing manufacturing industries will have great impact on the industry, by changing the way foundry leaders looks at marketing and strategic branding. In an industry where the market tends to be turbulent, a strong marketing and sales strategy can maintain steady sales growth. 


 “Our 12 plus years of foundry experience in the USA, India, China, Malaysia, and the UAE with sand and investment castings along with robust low cost patterns has provided us with countless valuable contacts and an ability to deliver high value to our foundry customers,” said Larry Hotaling, Managing Director of Global Diligence. “We have found most foundries lacking in modern and effective marketing so adding the Lotus marketing strength allows us to deliver a broader range of value to our clients.”


“Our history of success working as a team makes the partnership with Global Diligence a natural transition,” said Eva Schmid, founder of Lotus Marketing. “The partnership extends our tactical and operational services, while allowing us to maintain a high-quality level of service and content production with measurable results.”

Click HERE to learn more about Global Diligence.

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