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It is easy for businesses to become restrained by the status quo. The sense of urgency required to build brands and see marketing plans through, ends up passing as day-to-day tasks fill your day, then month and eventually year. You are left with an unorganized collection of marketing materials and sales goals to meet, with no clear plan. Lotus offers the resources to help you strategize using an array of marketing tools, formulating them into a clear, measurable and sustainable plan to drive your business.

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

- Winston Churchill

Market Research

Conduct industry and customer research to gain a deeper and fresh perspective into your people, products, and services. Results will provide clear opportunities and challenges.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is an efficient and cost-effective method for new customer acquisition, building brand awareness and increasing product sales. You can easily get a picture of how your email campaigns are performing, make adjustments and improve your effectiveness.

Brand Identity

Brand identity goes far beyond a logo. Successful branding will significantly increase the value of a company, provide employees with a sense of direction and motivation and make acquiring new customers easier.  

Public Relations

Press coverage is important, because it earns the kind of credibility that advertising dollars can't buy. The more newsworthy you make your company, the more coverage you'll get.  

Product Launches

Companies typically allocate millions of dollars to product development and handle the product launch process as an afterthought. There's no doubt that planning and executing a product launch is labor intensive, so don't fumble the ball. Let us put a plan together, and help with the roll out.  

Marketing Outsourcing

Do you change the oil in your car? Neither do I, although I could. Sometimes it's best to focus on your core competencies. Lotus may put together ideas that require experts in a particular field, like SEO. In those cases, we partner with our network of experts.  

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