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lets talk about leverage

I had someone call today asking if I can help her understand what “amplification strategy” means.  In short, this is the strategy and implementation of your content marketing – whether this be social media, blogging, etc.  This typically will include strategy that combines organic and paid amplification of content.  How are you going to develop content that engages with your audience, and how will you reach them?  For this organization, developing and executing an amplification strategy is going to be the difference between receiving a corporation donation, or not. 

You can’t have an amplification strategy without first having an audience.  This is a good example of why it is important to dedicate time, resources, and thought to your social media presence.  If you have a following, you have one very important business asset: leverage.  Leverage with potential donors, customers, and influencers. 

If you are looking for donations and you have 10,000 social media followers- you now have leverage with your potential donors.  If you are hoping to attract new clients and you have an online following of 10,000 people, you now have leverage with that audience.  If you are looking for an influencer to share you message and you have 10,000 social media followers, you now have leverage in that conversation. 

Don’t wait until you need something to allocate resources your social media presence.
Don’t wait until your next big project is complete, to develop a content marketing strategy.

Do it now – because it doesn’t happen overnight and if you haven't gotten to it yet, that probably means you don't have the time to do it.  That's okay, that is why marketing firms exist to help you with the  strategy development and implementation that you may be putting off. 


Let us take this task off your hands, because having a strong social media strategy and presence could be the obstacle keeping your business from achieving it's goals.  

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